Tour 4: Jews in the concentration camp of Neuengamme

Jews in the concentration camp Neuengamme

concentration camp Neuengamme
Commemmoration at Neuengamme

Commemorating the victims of the Shoa requires the will to mutually remember the fate of the perished. The persecution of Jews culminated in the death camps of Eastern Europe. But it started in Germany. Also in Hamburg at the Gestapo prison (Stadthaus), at KoLaFU (Konzentrationslager Fuhlsbüttel) and at the concentration camp Neuengamme with more than 80 satellite camps all over Northern Germany. How did prisoners enter Neuengamme? What happened here during the national-socialist reign of terror? When were the remaining Jewish prisoners at Neuengamme deported to Auschwitz/Osciecim? Why did the Nazis resettle About 1000 of Jewish women from Auschwitz/Osciecim to Hamburg in summer 1944?

60. anniversary of liberation 2005

We will travel by public transport to the former concentration camp Neuengamme. Today it is a memorial site and a museum with several exhibitions. (approx. 5 hrs plus charges for transport)

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