Messianic Living and Learning Hamburg – Registered Society

We about us

The Verein “Messianisches Leben und Lernen” was founded in Hamburg in May 2011 and registered “as of benefit to the public” in December of the same year with 24 members. Our Verein is committed towards the enhancement of learning about and research on Jewish-Christians.

The Verein’s name “Messianic Living and Learning” implies our basics. We also wish to revive the spirit and tradition of Jewish-Christian life in Hamburg in a moderate and modern form.

We do offer Guided Tours, seminars as well as the reading of biblical texts. We celebrate Jewish-Christian Holidays and Kiddush on Shabbat eve.

What does ‘Messianic’ means for us?

Despite all the differences of our various backgrounds, the mutual respect is the basis for our ‘Vereinsarbeit’ and we agree on the following:

– the belief in the G’d of Israel, the G’d of Avram, Yitshak and Ya’akov (the G’d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)

– the conviction that Yeshua is the promised Messiah – a Redeemer and Saviour of all

– that the G’d of Israel is revealed through the Tenach (Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim). The Tenach and the Messianic scriptures known as ‘Good News’ of Rabbi Yeshua and Rabbi Shaul (Paul) are our Guidelines.

We agreed in our founding document on a Messianic terminology to emphasize that the faith in Yeshua/Jesus is rooted in the Jewish tradition and are aware of the fact that Yeshua and the first of his Talmudim (followers) were Jewish and recognize as well that the biblical Texts, old and new ones, are basically Jewish writings. We are followers of the Mashiah Yeshua and part of a worldwide community. We would like to act in accord with Jewish and non-Jewish follower’s principles inspired by Yeshua’s teachings.

It is our vision to offer a space for interested Jews, Jewish-Christians and people of the nations for the exchange of ideas and mutual understanding in the image of G’d. It is our aim to come together to overcome breaches.

MLL board of Trustees are: Chairman Frank Scheerer, Vice Chairman Friedrich Quaas, Treasury Andreas Birnbaum

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