Tour 3: Jüdische Migration/Shoa

Memorial of Deportation at Hafencity

Jewish Migration 1880-1930 via Hamburg and the Shoa

Under the auspices of the Moses of Hamburg, Albert Ballin, millions of emigrants from Central and Eastern Europe found a new home in America. From Hamburg they were embarking ocean liners during the 1880s until 1914, which were owned by the HAPAG, then the world biggest shipping company . Where did the passengers come from? Where did they go? Who were they? Which culture did they bring in? How did Hamburg’s citizens respond? Which kind of support did migrants receive by relief organizations and where did they finally end up?

The Lohseplatz at Europe’s largest reconstruction site Hafencity had completely fallen into oblivion. At the beginning of the 20th century emigrants arrived at this former train station called Hannover’sche Bahnhof before they boarded the big ocean liners. Just recently, after almost seventy years, info points had been set up and a memorial site was created to inform of more than 20 trains who had left Hamburg in the 1940’s to Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and other death camps. More than 10.000 of Hamburg’s Jews as well as Roma and Sinti were murdered.

Guided tour at historical places in the port of Hamburg (HafenCity) !

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